12 must-know statistics on cloud usage in the enterprise

  1. The average enterprise uses 1,427 distinct cloud services.
  2. The average employee actively uses 36 cloud services at work.
  3. The average enterprise uses 210 distinct collaboration cloud services.
  4. The average enterprise uses 76 distinct file sharing cloud services.
  5. 18.1 percent of files uploaded to cloud-based file-sharing and collaboration services contain sensitive data.
  6. 2.7 percent of files shared in the cloud have access permissions that make them publicly accessible.
  7. 71.3 percent of all cloud services at use are enterprise-focused and 28.7 percent are consumer ones.
  8. The average enterprise experiences 23.2 cloud-related threats per month.
  9. The average enterprise experiences 10.9 cloud-related insider threats per month.
  10. Of the known cloud services, only 8.1 percent meet the strict data security and privacy requirements of enterprises, as defined by Skyhigh’s CloudTrust Program.
  11. 31.3 percent of all cloud services are blocked at enterprises because they are too risky.
  12. The most commonly blocked cloud service is Pirate Bay.
Carles Bellver Torlà @carlesbellver